PRT Offers Waste & Recycling Programs for

  1. Commercial
  2. Municipal (State & Local)
  3. Government
  4. Residential
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Materials We handle

  • Trash/MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
  • C&D (Construction & Demolition Waste)
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed Paper
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Ledger Grades
  • Single Stream Recycling
  • Rigid & Film Plastics - #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, #5 PP
  • Waste-To-Energy – Zero Waste Landfill Avoidance
  • & More – Get a Free Waste Audit TODAY

services we provide

Roll Off Container

Roll-Off Container

  • We offer permanent roll-off services that set the industry standard for service excellence.
  • In most areas, containers are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 30 cubic yards.
  • Made from sturdy, high-strength steel and are maintained to ensure safety and environmental compliance.
  • Roll-off services are perfect for: construction & demolition (C&D) sites, manufacturing plants, refineries, warehouses, wastewater treatment plants and other companies that product large volumes of industrial and special waste.
  • Roll-off containers come in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cubic yards.
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Right Size Roll-Off Containers

  • Our “Right Size” dumpster.
  • Smaller than a 30 but bigger than a 20.
  • Shorter than a 30 but taller than a 20 our right size dumpsters are the perfect in between size and priced competitively with a haul plus disposal rate that fits your budget.

Enclosed Roll-Off Dumpster

  • Great for recycling without the investment of equipment.
  • Most customers use them for community drop off recycling programs.
  • The container has sliding windows for easy access.

Temporary Front Load Container

  • For construction projects, clean outs, small jobs with space restrictions, and DIY projects.
  • Flat rates with NO DISPOSAL.
Eco PRT Bin
FEL Truck Lineup

Front Load Container

  • Commonly used in industrial and commercial properties, designed for a permanent waste solution.
  • Ideal for any business or property that generates a large amount of waste on a weekly basis.
  • The main benefits are the same as a rear-load container, i.e. your waste is stored in a metal bin that is resistant to fire, rodents, insects, leaks and odors.
  • Bins are great for customers who have the space, and they do a great job of facilitating the separation of recyclables. They are also efficient, safe and reliable.
  • Unlike rear-load contains the driver does not have to exit the truck, the driver, instead, pulls up to service a front-load container.
  • Available in the following dimensions: 2 cubic yards (80" L x 41-1/2" W x 41" H), 3 cubic yards (80" L x 42" W x 42" H), 4 cubic yards (80" L x 79" W x 42" H), 6 cubic yards (80" L x 80" W x 53-1/2" H) and 7 or 8 cubic yards (82" L x 82" W x 74-1/2" H).
RSF Reciever Box

Stationary Compactor

  • Our Roll Off trucks service customers utilizing Stationary Compactors.
  • Often used for recycling cardboard, but can be used for dry waste.
  • The compactor is “stationed” onsite while the receiver box breaks away and is hauled to a dump site for waste or recycling.
self contained

Self-Contained Compactor

  • Our Roll Off trucks service customers utilizing SC Compactors.
  • Primarily used for wet material applications.
  • Mainly restaurants or food waste applications.

Bale Route

(Typically, Tractor with 53' Flatbed trailer with ramp for forklift)

  • A service type that is used to collect baled product ONLY, typically when the supplier or customer has the bales located at Ground Level.
  • Often serviced without any charges and is paid a certain % or $ value below the OBM/RISI Recovered Paper Market.

Tractor Trailer

(Typical Tractor Truck with Van Trailer)

  • Trailer service is performed via Staged Trailer or Live Load.
  • Sometimes customers have their own trailers and trucks and will deliver their material in.
  • When trailers are staged, they are often used as extended storage for a customer.
  • If a trailer is not moving more than twice a month, typically trailer rental is applied as the asset is not paying for itself and the customer is using the trailer for storage more than moving recyclable products.
  • Live loads are just how they sound, the truck shows up either on scheduled pickup time or first come, first serve basis and is live loaded by the customer.
  • LTL (Less than Truckload) is also an option but not frequently done in the Recycling Industry.
box turk

Box truck

(Varies but Typically 24' Straight Truck as pictured)

  • A service used to pick up less than full truckload quantities of material.
  • Box Truck services are always live load.
  • Most Box Trucks have liftgates but typical application is for Dock Height material collection.
  • Material is typically skidded/palletized or is in various Material Handling Equipment.
  • Box Truck Routes may do some "Milk Route" type services but often one customer will store just enough at their location to fill the truck.

Delivered In

DO YOU OWN a Box Truck or Tractor Trailer? Haul your own recyclables? Bring them to us and get top dollar!

Governments & Industry

Paper Retriever of Texas services public entities and private industry. We specifically design recycling programs which may include front end loader bins, roll-off bins, flatbeds, tractor-trailers, spotted trailers, or live loads. We also provide one time pickups or long term commitments. PRT serves:

  • Contractors
  • School systems
  • Churches
  • City, County, and State programs
  • Commercial/Industrial operations
  • Commercial haulers
  • Publishers
  • Small and Large Businesses
  • Industrial Settings

Curbside Processing

Paper Retriever of Texas processes dual and single stream curbside material in some locations.


Internal Collection Containers



  • Good for storing lighter materials, i.e. shrink wrap, plastic bottles, newspapers, supersacks, etc.
  • Can collapse for warehouses that have smaller storage areas while not being used.
  • Gaylords typically need a pallet underneath so a forklift can transport it.  It can be loaded side-by-side on a trailer.
  • Usually, they are not double stackable because of the weight of the pallet, but can be done if weight of material is light enough.


  • Has two wheels so it can be transported to different areas.
  • It also fits through doorways and elevators for easy transportation, i.e. multiple rooms or multiple floor buildings to bring to loading / dock area.
  • They are typically used in hallways, breakrooms and copier rooms.  Toters come with a flip open lid to protect contents if used in an outdoor environment
  • Available in 35, 64 and 96 gallon capacities.


  • Hampers are usually made of plastic or canvas
  • Made with wheels for easy transport.
  • Dimensions are 48" L x 48" W x 36" H.


  • Good for storing heavier materials, i.e. glass, printers mix, sorted office paper, and mixed paper.
  • Used typically in warehouse environments where space is available.
  • Can be used in outdoor environments where product can be stored due to plastic (HDPE) construction.
  • Has built-in grooves so a forklift can pick it up without a pallet underneath. It can be loaded double-wide in a trailer
  • Can be stacked.
  • It also has a plastic top that will protect the contents, if stored outside.

Large Desk Side Recycle Bin

  • Made of cardboard and has built-in handles for easy maneuverability.
  • It is good for areas where there is not a lot of space, i.e. breakrooms, small offices, copier rooms, and hallways.
  • Due to construction, it is typically best for light materials (such as copy paper and sorted office waste).
  • It can be fitted with a plastic liner bag for breakroom/lunchroom environments if food/beverage cans will be collected.
  • Usually, these are dumped into larger collection bins (i.e. tubs, gaylords, toters).
recycle s

Small Desk Side Recycle Bin

  • Same as Large Desk Side Bins, but can be put next to/under a desk for easier daily collection.